Starting Over

I feel like I’m about to start over. For so many years I was a cop by day and comedian by night. I also did some acting and felt my heart and soul was in the entertainment business. Now retired from police work and not happy with how my stand-up comedy career has gone, I’m ready to pivot. I’ve enjoyed over the past year or so producing some of my own shows on Amazon Prime. I also enjoyed writing and self-publishing two books. And I want to continue my writing. I get excited about my acting career, but I live about 30 miles east of Los Angeles and Hollywood. I get auditions that may take me 40 minutes to get to. My auditions sometime take less than five minutes, and I get on the freeway, and it could be 2 hours before I get home. Traffic in Los Angeles can be very trying. Many years ago I went to a Tony Robbins seminar, and it really changed my life. I should say what I learned, that caused me to change, changed my life. I’ve been hooked on personal development and motivations since. I am thinking of totally shifting to motivational and inspirations writing, producing and speaking.  I can have several income streams that all link to each other. 

I recently started playing tennis.  I have been practicing four to five times a week, and plan on competing soon. Acting, producing, stand-up, writing, with so many targets, it gets hard to hit a bullseye. So I teeter as I write this blog as to which I will put a laser focus on. At least I am now setting a new set of long-term and short-term goals. One weekly goal was to create a blog post four days. So I am on track. Stay tuned for whats next.

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