Conflicted most days lately. Although I have had great days as far as working out, eating well and staying in great shape. Today I worked out in the gym, played tennis and then jumped rope. I have had three days of hard workouts. Just when I decide in my mind I’m going to just be a writer¬†and a motivated speaker in the model of Tony Robbins, I watch some movie or television show, and feel I should keep my heart in the entertainment industry. Today watching a show, my memories stirred, and they took me back to high school when I was in two plays. I played Mr. Darling in Peter Pan, and I was in Prisoner of Second Avenue, a Neil Simon play. Those some of the happiest days in high school for me. I really felt like I belonged. I loved being part of the cast, and camaraderie. I know I could make big bucks and maybe inspire and motivate a lot of people as a speaker. I guess I could still pursue acting, writing, producing, and still do motivational speaking. Maybe that would be my message to follow your dreams, and motivate people to take action on their true desires. And how people how to enjoy what they do while they pursue what they want.¬†

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