Bonnie Castle Stand-up Comedy

What a great night performing with Dwayne Gill and Kharum Sheik. All of us retired cops and stand-up comedians. All except Dwayne Gill who is still serving as a Michigan State Trooper. It was a sold-out crowd at Bonnie Castle in Alexandria Bay New York. This is a fundraiser I have been a part of for the past three years. All proceeds benefit the River Hospital Wellness program. Troopers Assisting Troops. New York State Troopers take veterans suffering from PTSD out on fishing trips. I have been stepping down my stand-up comedy performances in trade for time writing, and pursuing a motivational speaking career along with acting and producing. After a night like tonight, and getting so much positive feedback on my performance, it’s tough not to get fired back up for performing more stand-up comedy. I’m always trying to do it all, which makes many of my endeavors suffer a little. It was great to have family, friends and my most wonderful wife in the audience. Can’t thank the River Hospital Wellness team enough for they do to make this event a success.

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