Believe you can

I’m only guessing, that I believe in you more than you believe in yourself. If you want to be a public speaker of any kind, you can do it. If you have two other jobs and don’t think you have time to pursue your dream as a speaker, I know you do. Not to mention it won’t be long before your going from FREE to fee speaking and you won’t need those other two jobs, or at least one of them. Your speaking career, your passion can become your second job. Which if you want it to be will become your full-time job. Just start from where you are and go for it. Start from where you are at, make a list, and ask yourself what do I need to do to make this happen. And what can I start doing right now toward that goal. Download my book which will give you everything you need to make your living as a public speaker. Click HERE and get it now. Whatever you believe you can achieve. I know it’s a cliche, but only because it is true.

Public Speaking for You

No doubt you already have public speaking skills. Don’t compare yourself to great speakers and get discouraged. Whatever your goals are for public speaking, start where you are and get better. Public speaking at it’s finest is a combination of skills that can be developed and improved by anyone. It is true that some people have that charisma thing that you almost have to be born with to connect with people on the same level. But learning how to better connect with an audience is also something that can be learned and improved upon at any level. My book public speaking for fun and money is a manual that anyone can use to become a million dollar speaker. All you need to be a great well-paid speaker in the book. Click HERE and download it now. Please leave me a review when done.


Comedians Talking Comedy is now on Amazon

Comedians Talking Comedy is now Live on Amazon. Watch FREE on AMAZON!

Watch now on Amazon by clicking HERE!  Or click on the picture. Help us get to fifty reviews our first month. We started filming the show five months ago. Special thanks to Phil Luna and Luna Tunes for creating original music for the show. We have four episodes, let me know which is your favorite. Please leave a review on Amazon. Thanks to Rudy Moreno, Frazer Smith, Joey Medina, Marco Assante and Roger Rodd for a great season one!

Comedians Talking Comedy

We started filming Comedians Talking Comedy four months ago. We are finally wrapped and four episodes are back from being closed captioned and have been submitted to Amazon. We have four great episodes of “comedians Talking Comedy”. I love all the episodes that I think will be enjoyed by comedians and anyone who likes stand-up comedy. All the comedians I interviewed shared how they started their careers and what they do now to make their living as a stand-up comedian. If all goes well we will be filming season two in Las Vegas. Comedians Talking Comedy should be available FREE on Amazon Prime soon. Continue reading

Tony Robbins is the real deal

I can attest that Tony Robbins is the real deal. I have read his books. I have read the books he suggests to read, and attended a live seminar. I met Tony in person. I have talked with people who went to school with Tony and also have benefitted from his motivation. I still utilize many of his philosophies and strategies in all my endeavors. The two book by Tony Robbins I would recommend are “Unlimited Power, and Awaken the Giant Within.” Tony has been studying success and the psychology of achievement for decades. There is also a docuseries on Netflix about Tony that I highly recommend.

Tony Robbins is the real deal

Public Speaking Book

Take advantage of this FREE giveaway! Today you can download a FREE copy of my book “Public Speaking For Fun and Money”. Click HERE and download a free copy. I’ve taken everything I learned from being a Police Officer and a stand-up comedian as relates to public speaking in this book. All that I learned from performing as a stand-up comedian and doing paid speaking engagements are in the book. Wherever you are at in your speaking ability from novice to speaking veteran, this book can take you to the next level, or give you a tune up. Today I’m giving it away, to get the information to as many people as possible. I have already had such great feedback. One reader has joined the local Toastmaster group.

Day 6 in the Big Apple

Can’t believe this is day 6 in New York. Like always it has been a whirlwind. Such a special time to have mom join us for two days. First Christmas without dad, and mom flew to New York by herself. We had such a wonderful time. We took her to a Broadway show “Waitress”, walked to Rockefeller Center tree, Trump Plaza and Tiffany’s. Mom had a challenging time getting back to Rochester with the snow storm. She had a couple flights cancelled and had to reroute to Buffalo, but made it home before midnight. We have had a great time walking Central Park, seeing Broadway shows, Cats, Paramour, and tonight Lion King. Our last night in New York, tomorrow we will be flying back to California.